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The Beautification of CLBC

Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; AND a beautiful and clean sanctuary (Psalms 24:3-4).

Well, the scripture doesn’t quite read that way, but at CLBC, we believe in the improvement of God’s house. We’ve done so through the Hezekiah Project, which is a specific funding initiative dedicated to the restoration, rehabilitation, improvement and beautification of the Church. Much like God transforms his people, we become new creatures in Christ—old things have passed away and behold we have become new, the same is true about the church. God provides provision and uses people like Hezekiah, to improve the house of the Lord so that the church can be renewed.

What’s new you might ask?

The church improvement process began with the transformation of the woman’s restroom. Thereafter, new lights and light fixtures were added to the church, and a new carpet was installed on the stairs leading to the sanctuary. The vestibule near the main entrance of the church enjoyed a new coat of paint and was refurbished to make the entryway a more welcoming atmosphere. In addition, new tv monitors were installed in the sanctuary, and soon, they will be used to enhance the praise and worship experience. The overflow area on the ground floor was refurbished and renamed the Reverend Dr. Ronald B. Christian Fellowship Hall, and a touching ceremony was held in the newly updated hall to commemorate the legacy and memory of the late Pastor Christian. Finally, Pastor Brandon, First Lady Marie and members of the church gathered a few weeks ago to clean the entire church. This collective effort added to both the cleanliness of CLBC and to the fellowship of church body.

God continues to bless our church through the seeds sown by members, visitors and friends. We give God thanks for every gift and we pray that God would make provision to beautify the homes and lives of all those who have sown into the Hezekiah fund at CLBC.

To learn more about what God’s Word says about rebuilding and cleansing the Lord’s holy places, please see the Scriptures below. We pray the Word of God blesses and encourages you to continue to give your time, your talent and your treasure to the beautification of God’s house in Jesus’ name.

2 Kings Chapters 18, 19 and 20
2 Chronicles Chapter 32
Nehemiah (entire book)
Malachi 3:10

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